Other Church Notices
Blair’s leaving statement as read by Carole Wilding at Church on the morning of May 22nd Dear friends, Some of you may know that after thirteen years of ministry on the Wirral, I am up for a stationing change. Well, after a great deal of prayerful thought and conversation, Ann and I have decided that we should “move on” in the Summer of 2017. We have had a magnificent time here and in so many ways we will be sad to go. The people in all of my churches have been faithful, hardworking, gracious, and tolerant of my shortcomings. I have so much enjoyed the location, the friendships, and the serving of Christ with people like yourselves. Our reasons for going are largely familial ones.  Ann’s parents, living in North London, are now quite elderly and in need of our support. Our first grandchild is to be born this July not far from London, in Aylesbury, and we will be required, we hope, for our doting services as grandparents. Our other children also live down that way and so do Ann’s siblings. As I am turning sixty next year, it is my hope that I have one better ministry left in me, so it makes sense to go now in the direction of where our family is. We will, however be profoundly sorry to leave you.  In your midst we have been blessed with all the fruits of the Spirit, and with love, hope and joy in particular. I have loved being your minister and your friendships have met more than you can know. When we arrived in the Summer of 2003, with our four children in tow, you received us with the same sort of warmth and encouragement that you then proceeded to give us in all the years that followed.  It is our hope that our last year with you will be much like the previous ones; full of faith, love and laughter.  With much love, Blair Blair’s holidays -  I will be on holiday starting on July 25th  until August 14th. Christine Jones has kindly said that she is willing to cover for pastoral needs and emergencies during that time. Holiday Club  - Our theme for Holiday Club this year is Guardians of Ancora and it will be running from August 15th to 19th in the mornings. As usual, we will have games, Bible stories, crafts, puppets and snacks. Anyone who would like to help should speak to Fran Begbie. John Blease has registration forms. Barbecue Sunday August 21st – Like last year, our Church Barbecue this year will be the week after Holiday Club. That means that after church that day, there will be a feast outside to enjoy with friends. Oh boy!! Harvest Family Service – will be on September 18th. Notes from Circuit Meeting, 15th June 2016 1. The Thingwall building is to be adapted as the Circuit Hub. The cost is estimated at no more than £30k as it is already largely fit for purpose. 2. Marcus has asked for a one year extension to his invitation as Jean de Luc is halfway through his A level course. 3. Local Preachers’ Report: Mark Thomas has completed his training and will be commissioned in the Autumn. Chris Lennon, Lynda Pillow, Peter Wildman and Pam Simms have all been given a note to preach. 4. The new Circuit website is to be launched in the next two to three weeks. 5. Craig Price was elected as the new Circuit Treasurer, Colin Brown to the Asset Management Group. 6. Vision for the future of the Circuit (see presentation) Current staffing levels and ways of working cannot be sustained by our current financial resources. The focus needs to be on the agreed missional priorities. It is envisaged that, by 2017/18, two or more churches may have merged and vacated a church building. Group 6 could become 4 or 5 church communities in 4 or 5 buildings; staffing from Sept 17 could be either Sheila Prest + 1 Methodist presbyter or SP + 1 URC presbyter + 1 full-time lay worker for areas of deprivation. Even reducing staff by 2 or 3 will still leave a gap between expenditure and assessment, only to be closed by selling properties (churches and manses). Sunday worship package from Sept 17: Each group will be given an allocation of Circuit resourced preachers per Sunday. The group’s requirements will be decided by a Group Worship Consultation. Group 6’s allocation: 4 morning and 2 evening services per week, including 5 communions per quarter. It is envisaged that the URC partnership will continue to resource most of TwPG’s services.
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