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Wednesday Bread and Soup    We have a weekly Wednesday bread and soup making morning which is a great success. Anyone can gather in the kitchen from about 9:30 am to make home-made bread and  home-made soup. The resultant bread and soup are usually  superb but it is not just the results that are great. The  process of getting to the results has also been a real  blessing to us. Every Wednesday morning the kitchen is  graced with fellowship and laughter as people chop, cut,  knead, bake and cook. Then at 12noon anyone can come and eat. A £2.50 donation would be welcome, Fellowship at TPG   On Monday afternoons there is a Bowls Group and there are two other groups, Tuesday Circle and The Fellowship, which meet about once a month. There is also a Men’s Breakfast group that meets monthly on  Saturday mornings.    The Church in the Community and the Community in the Church   We are really delighted that the community  by which we are surrounded makes regular use of our premises. We have many users groups for whom we care  and with whom we work. From Tumble Tots, to Yoga, to U3A, there is almost always something  going on at the Church. We are very proud of our Victorian buildings and in the past few years, we have made a  number of renovations making them warm and comfortable. This has brought more and more people in from the surrounding community but equally we feel called to go out to serve in that same community. The traffic way goes both ways.  The General spirit of the Congregation The current spirit of our congregation is really positive. Mission orientated and community minded we are in the process of building something special. Towards that end,we’d love to have you join us. History Palm Grove Methodist commissioned in 1871, and Trinity Presbyterian born in 1863, were both very significant mission-minded churches in their day. Both served Christ and the local community in Oxton and Prenton very well with large faithful congregations. In the nineteen seventies, dry rot and financial difficulties, made it necessary for the Palm Grove congregation to leave what had been a wonderful building for a union a quarter of  a mile away with Trinity. However, that union which took place in 1977 was not only driven by finances. It was also seen as an exciting opportunity for mission and a considerable triumph for ecumenism. It was the first local ecumenical project of its kind in the country and it made possible some wonderful expressions of witness, service and generosity. We are hugely indebted to those who served here in their age before us, and greatly privileged to follow on from where they left off in ours.