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To the People of God at Trinity with Palm Grove, from Gwynfor Evans, your newly appointed Transitional Minister – Greetings in the name of the Mersey Synod So, what exactly is a Transitional Minister? Well, in one sense it is what it says on the tin! A Transitional Minister works alongside a church community to help them through a period of change – of transition. But, each church is different, with different needs and so the nature of the work varies according to the situation. Sometimes congregations feel that they have stagnated. They need to look again at what God is calling them to be at this particular moment. There are times, as in the church in Corinth, when there are disputes between the members. It would be unfair to call a new minister into that situation. And so, a Transitional Minister is appointed to work through those issues with them, so that when a new minister is called he or she doesn’t have to begin with trying to establish harmony between the warring parties. And sometimes, after a long stable ministry, a church almost feels a sense of bereavement when that minister leaves. And this again is a time when a Transitional Minister can be called in, to help a congregation come to terms with their emotions and to begin the process of thinking through what direction they should follow as they start a new chapter in the life of their church. Although I have only been in the job three years, these are issues which to a greater or lesser extent I have encountered. Life certainly has not been dull! I was ordained in 1975, so I have been a minister for over forty years. What I enjoy about being a Transitional Minister, is that it has provided me with the opportunity to do something different and yet still be working with local churches and employing the same skills which I have learnt during those forty years.
Transitional Minister's Message