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Dear friends, We are at last being forecast reasonably dry weather following the deluge that the country has had during May. We have an idea in our mind about what the British weather should be like and occasionally it does as it’s supposed to – but not very often! We are also seeing people beginning to venture out and about more as the vaccine roll out continues and we have now seen all three churches open their doors now and welcoming people back into the building. People are beginning to make plans for holidays whether in this country or further afield. Things are beginning to feel like they are getting back to normal. The phrase itself implies we are going backwards. It feels like we are thinking of going backwards to something we have always done, because it is nice and comfortable. To something reassuring and that will sustain us going forward. Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday when we looked at the impact of the Holy Spirit on the disciples. Empowering them and challenging them. Yes we know we heard of them speaking in tongues and on one day 3000 people were baptised. Imagine receiving a request to have 3000 people baptised at one event!! The people, who heard the great news of the wonders that God had done and was doing, ignited hearts and minds. It disturbed them so much they were willing to make their own commitment as a follower of Christ. When they were baptised I don’t think they had any idea what they were being baptised into. They just knew it was the right thing to do and they had faith in a God who does miraculous wonders. Once they had been baptised the Spirit worked through them and they couldn’t go back to practising what they had done. God had called them and they had responded. They couldn’t go back, they could only go forward. I did use a reflection on Pentecost Sunday written by Carol Dixon and in it was a line; ‘I mean Christianity is meant to be safe and sensible, isn’t it’? Jesus was neither safe nor sensible; he did what God asked of him, obeying his father even to the point of death on a cross. Christianity is neither safe nor sensible, if we follow our role model. If it was then Jesus would not have suffered at the hands of those who planned his demise. He would have found another way. Christianity is something that offers us hope and peace in times of conflict and during life’s storms. Christianity should also be disturbing for us as we pray and ask God to show us signs of where we should be heading as individual churches. Should we go back to normal or should we go onwards, trusting in God. We should be asking God what is the next step you would like us to take on our journey of faith with you. We might even be surprised what the response is. Rev Mark