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Obituary                           Moira Evans   Moira’s mother came over as a governess from Ireland to Liverpool where she met and married James Rankin, a widower with three children.  Their marriage expanded the family with the addition of two more children, but sadly James died when Shelah was seven and Moira four.  Growing up, the children spent some idyllic holidays on their uncle’s farm in County Tyrone, where they could run wild, ride ponies and never have to wash (the best bit!)   At first Moira tried nursing as a career but soon gave that up, and from 1947-1950 went to the F R College of Domestic Science to study teaching.  As a teacher in Liverpool in those days she had some eye-opening experiences.  At one school she witnessed a pupil giving birth to a baby in a bucket!   While still at college Moira and her friends enjoyed the Liverpool University dances, at which it didn’t take her long to catch the eye of a law student and rising political star, Gruffydd Evans.  She claimed that she literally ran into his arms while escaping from an over-zealous farmer who was trampling on her toes during a dance.  Moira and Gruff were engaged for five years as Gruff insisted on finishing his articles before thay got married so that he would be able to support her.   They started married life in Forest Road, Claughton, then moved to Ashburton Road, then finally to Sunridge on Bidston Road, which became a hub of family and social activity in which their four children Elizabeth, David, Sarah and Jane were fully involved.  There was lots of laughter, political discussion and plenty of drama.  When Gruff was awarded a life peerage in 1978, he and Moira became Lord and Lady Evans of Claughton.  Always a lady, however, Moira was not changed in any way by this.   To the members of her family and to her many friends we send our sincere condolences. Obituary                          Archie Renner   William Archibald Awunor Renner was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, on 18th July, 1932.  When he was six years old he was sent to join his elder brother, Louis, at a boarding school in Edinburgh.  In his tribute at the funeral service, Louis said that Archie was a wiry, athletic boy and that his ambition from a very young age was to be a dentist, an ambition which Archie eventually fulfilled.  (In fact, according to his son Willie, he was the best dentist on the planet!)  He was also an accomplished photographer, a model railway enthusiast, a keen gardener, a stamp collector, and a master of computer technology.   In 1953, while working at Guy’s Hospital in London, Archie met Helen and their marriage took place seven years later.  It was a long and very happy one, producing two sons, Willie and Roly, and a daughter, Susie.  After living for some years in Buckinghamshire and Lancashire, the family moved to Birkenhead in the 1970s and joined this church.  Archie was a man of deep faith and played a full part in the life of the church, holding several responsible positions - Elder, Church Secretary and Circuit Steward.   In their tributes many family members testified to Archie’s quiet, thoughtful manner.  He was someone they could always talk to and get good advice from. Susie said that nothing was so small or so big that you couldn’t tell him about it and that his response was always calm and measured.  Willie said that he was a man of few words but when he spoke you listened. Granddaughter Emily said he was the most patient man she had ever known, and grandson Jamie said that he possessed that rare talent of knowing when to speak and what to say when he did.   Archie was a lovely man and loved by all who met him.  Sadly, he suffered from poor health during the last years of his life but he bore his suffering with his customary patience and dignity. He leaves an enormous gap in the church and in our lives.  Helen and all the members of their large family have our deepest sympathy.