Trinity with Palm Grove United Reformed and Methodist Church
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“Forty years on Forty years ago this November, Trinity URC joined with Palm Grove Methodist Church to form a Local Ecumenical Partnership.  I thought, therefore, that it might be interesting to look through the TRINITY NEWS magazines, as they were then called, to see what life was like at Trinity in 1977.  The editor at the time was Holly Graham, the minister the Rev David Gardner and the church secretary Tom Hamilton. David Gardner’s letter which opened the January edition contained some words which were both optimistic and wise: ‘1977 should be an exciting year for us at Trinity, for we have the glorious God-given opportunity – as I see it – to share in a partnership of life and work with the people of Palm Grove Methodist Church, and so advance the cause of Christ in this neighbourhood and play our part locally in forwarding Christian unity.  Of course, if this comes to fruition, it will mean some changes.  Yet I urge you most strongly to guard against getting so concerned about possible changes and difficulties that you lose sight of the advantages in terms of enriched worship, increased strength, and a greater impact on the neighbourhood.’ The January edition also recorded that the previous month three new elders had been ordained: Shelah Jones, Mary Williams and Allan Brame.  Birthdays during the year included: Campbell Craig 10; Marian Craig 14; Andrew Smith 14; Barry Wilding 2; Andrew Peace 4; Alastair Williams 7; Diana Blease 7; Pauline Jones 9; Graham Jones 13; Simon Dodd 5; and Tim Humphreys 9.  Congratulations were given to John Gardner and to Suzanne Jones for passing the entrance exams to Birkenhead School and to Birkenhead High School respectively. There were several personnel changes in 1977.  In February Sue Berry was welcomed to the staff of the Junior Church ‘to help Mrs Craig with the leadership of the Primary Dept.’  Likewise, in June Carole Wilding was welcomed on to the staff of Junior Church in place of Valerie Edwards. ‘She will be leading the Junior Dept with Mrs Ann Gardner.’ Sadly, in that year the church lost a distinguished former minister, the Rev Andrew Prentice, and two long-standing members, George Newton and Geoffrey Tillotson.  On a happier note, Hugh and Elsie Meikle celebrated their ruby wedding. With Marie Jones in the chair, Tuesday Circle had a successful year.  (In those days it usually met at the manse in Kylemore Road.)  Activities included a demonstration by Jan Humphreys on how to make lovely Christmas decorations, a sponsored ‘Knit-In’, and a ‘Beetle Bite’ in the Session Room (cost 20p). Perhaps the most disturbing feature of 1977 at Trinity was financial.  Rob Wood and Bill Ewing warned the church that it faced the prospect of a heavy deficit  owing to a steep increase in the assessment for the Maintenance of the Ministry Fund, the installation of new heating in the church hall, and general inflation, which in the early months of 1977 was running at a frightening 21%.  The interest from investments normally covered any deficits, but that year the interest would only cover half the estimated deficit, leaving a gap of about £2,000.  The Church meeting agreed to hold a Gift Day so that members could have the opportunity to give donations and, if they wished, to record a promise to increase their regular offerings.  The minister was to make himself available in the church vestry between the hours of 10 am and 4.00 pm on 24th September to receive contributions.  In the event the sum of £1,238 was raised in donations. The November and December editions were the first to be called LINK and the first to include articles by former Palm Grove members - Ken Wilson wrote about the prospect of joining the two Junior Churches together and Ken Tasker wrote about housing local homeless people. Finally, referring to the new partnership, a contributor who signed him/herself  E. B. wrote: ‘We must mingle like those two little rivers at Lynton in Devon – East Lyn and West Lyn – at a place called Watersmeet, and thence flow happily together into the sea.’                                                                                              (John Blease)