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Obituary                              Rita Tomlinson    It was always hard to believe Rita’s age.  She was close on 99 when she finally gave up line dancing, which she was extremely good at. Even when she turned 100 she remained active and was still attending yoga and keep fit classes until she had the stroke. She was in fact a very talented person who could sing and who enjoyed ballroon dancing when younger.  She was also very organised, having set days and set times for doing things: and she always looked very smart, taking a pride in her clothes and general appearance.   Rita was someone who knew her own mind and was not afraid to say  what she thought.  She had spent her working life as a nurse, first in the fever hospital, then in paediatrics, and finally as a ward sister on a psychiatic ward at St Catherine’s Hospital.  One can imagine that Rita was an old-school ward sister who had high expectations of her staff and who knew exactly how a ward should be run.  Sadly, over the last few years Rita started suffering from hearing voices, which was a difficult and frightening time for her, and she expressed her fear that she might find herself on a similar ward.   Generally, however, Rita had a great sense of fun and always looked forward to Christmas and to the holidays she spent with friends in Llan dudno.  Whenever she spoke about them it was with a twinkle in her eye. Rita was a great character, independent and strong-willed.  She was adamant that she didn’t want a 100th  birthday party or any sort of ‘fuss’ made, but we thought that TPG couldn’t let an occasion like that go unacknowledged so we had a cake made.  In the event she enjoyed the celebration and was particularly fascinated by how the cake had been decorated with her own picture on the top.   Rita was a loyal friend and a loyal member of  TPG. She was someone who regularly contributed to the church, to Macmillan Cancer Support, St John’s Hospice and Guide Dogs for the Blind - and did so very systematically.  This feisty lady will be much missed. Obituary                        Marjorie Thomas   Marjorie was born in Wallasey in 1920, the only child of James and Gladys Latham. The family later moved to Claughton, and became involved in the life of this church, and it was here in 1942 that she married Wilf Thomas.  They had two sons, Peter born in 1948 and Roger born in 1953. Sadly, Peter died at the age of 38 and Roger also died young at just 18 so she’d had to deal with a lot of sorrow in her life, but remained strong in the face of all these setbacks, and never complained or allowed herself to feel sorry for herself.   Marjorie was in fact a very outgoing person. She was active member of the church here and very involved in the Townswomen’s Guild, of which she had been the chair person. She liked organising events and enjoyed having things to which she could look forward. She loved company and laughed a lot.   For 16 years, she lived in lived in a bright, airy flat in Waterford Road, Oxton, filled with ornaments and stuffed toys. The flat had two bedrooms and one of them was always referred to as “Fluff’s room” – Fluff being the name of her cat. She made lots of friends among the other residents in the flats and when she lost her mobility, she made new friends among her carers – in particular Vera, who remained her most important friend, visiting her every day and looking after her needs.   In her later years she had to move from her flat to Nazareth House, because she needed more care. She had developed dementia and would not always know who was visiting her. But the last time Sue Lewis went to see her, just a few hours before she died, Marjorie recognised her and said “Ah Sue!” She was perfectly lucid and they enjoyed a conversation together. She remembered to ask how Blair was getting on in his new ministry in Essex. I’m sure that will be a great comfort to so many to know that Marjorie, in her last hours, was again clear in her mind and able to recognise people. May she rest in peace. Obituary                            Walter Smith   Walter was born in Liverpool in 1934 but during the war moved to Wallasey where he attended Gorsedale School.  He did his National Service from 1952 to 1954 with the R.A.O.C., part of which time was spent in Egypt where he learned to parachute.  He then trained as a tailor and for many years worked at Beno Dorn’s shop in Birkenhead.    In 1957 he married Betty Walsh whom he had met when they were both members of Oxton Road Methodist Youth Club and who sadly died last January. They went to live on a new housing estate in Upton where Andrew was born in 1963 followed by Lawrence in 1965. Just after Vanessa’s birth in 1969 they moved to Manor Hill in Claughton, which became the family home for the rest of their lives, and joined Trinity Presbyterian Church, as it then was called.  In 1982 Walter set up his own Craft Tailoring Co-operative in Liverpool where he worked until his death.   Apart from his family and his job, Walter had two main interests: politics and sport.  All his life he was a commited socialist, being especially interested in issues involving education and social justice. In 1979 was elected to the local council on which he served ever since.  He eventually became Chairman of the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party, and in 1995-96 he and Betty were Mayor and Mayoress of Wirral, performing their duties with considerable style and dignity. Walter was also the Chairman of Governors of Rock Ferry High School.  In the field of sport he played and refereed squash to a high level, took part in many marathon runs and supported Liverpool Football Club.   To Walter and Betty’s three children - Andrew, Lawrence and Vanessa –  to their five grandchildren of whom they were particularly proud – Ellena, Jamie, Holly, Craig, and Chloe – and to all the other members of their family we send our deepest sympathy