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Obituary                         Derek Williams          Derek was born the younger of two children to Bertha and Reginald Williams in 1936. The family came from the Chester area and Derek was baptised in Chester Cathedral. He spent his childhood in Gayton where he attended a Prep School and continued his education in Hoylake. During his school years he learned to play the violin and was a member of Hoylake Youth Orchestra.          After National Service with the RAF, Derek was employed by Coast Lines Limited, eventually becoming a shipbroker. Faced with redundancy, however, in 1981, due to the closure of the Liverpool offices, Derek became self-employed for a while before joining Tesco in Heswall where he worked as a fishmonger for eight years.          It was while working for Coast Lines that romance blossomed for Derek, for it was here he met Mary, who was later to become his wife. They married in 1963 at what was then Trinity Presbyterian Church, where Derek served on the Board of Managers for many years. To their delight their son Alastair was born in 1970. He married Sarah in 1997 and they have two sons, Joseph born in 1999 and Oscar in 2001. Becoming a grandparent was a great joy for Derek.         A talented man, Derek enjoyed sport, playing cricket at Irby Cricket Club tennis with Mary at Birkenhead Lawn Tennis Club. Derek also had a great passion for the theatre and was an enthusiastic member of several local dramatic societies such as the Heswall Woolgatherers and the Hillbark Players.         Sadly, Derek’s last years were clouded by Parkinson’s Disease and in 2011 he needed full-time care in a nursing home. Beechcroft  in fact became an extended family, the staff and carers embracing both Mary and Derek with love and support. Certainly, no wife could have been more devoted than Mary: for the last six years she always arranged her daily routine to be there to give Derek his lunch and always made his room as comfortable and stimulating as possible.         In his tribute at the memorial service Alastair said that his father’s character could be summed up in one word – gentleman.  This is perfectly true. Derek was gentle, courteous, loving, kind, generous, and considerate.  We extend our deepest sympathy to Mary and the family for their loss. Obituary                                Betty Smith            Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Smith was born in Liverpool in 1937, the daughter of William and Nell Walsh.  After the war the family moved to Wallasey where she attended Somerville School and a commercial college at which she studied shorthand and typing.  Her first job was at Ranks, the flour firm.           In 1952 Betty joined Oxton Road Methodist Youth Club and on her first evening there she met Walter Smith.  They immediately took to each other and from then on they were rarely apart, eventually marrying in 1957 when they went to live on a new housing estate in Upton. Their first child Andrew was born there in 1963 followed by Lawrence in 1965. Just after Vanessa’s birth in 1969 they moved to Manor Hill in Claughton which is still the family home today.  Vanessa was christened at Trinity and the family have been worshipping there ever since. Betty’s mother also became a member. The children are now grown up and have produced five grandchildren - Jamie, Holly, Ellena, Craig and Chloe - of whom Betty was always very proud.          Betty was a quiet, unassuming girl, and a devoted wife and mother, always putting her family first and seeing to their care and needs.  She was also a great support to Walter in his work for the Labour Party. He always said that without her he could never have managed his political commitments.  In 1995 Walter was elected Mayor of Wirral.  Being Mayoress was a position Betty was uncertain about.  She was never a person to seek the limelight, but her gentle, kindly manner and charm equipped her perfectly for the role.          Five years ago Betty developed eye cancer.  The aggressive cell was removed at St Paul’s Eye Hospital and everything seemed to be all right. Betty was warned, however, that the cancer could break out in her body.  In January she had the bad news that the cancer had attacked her liver.  When she received this news her first words were, ‘I want to be here for Ellena’s graduation and our Diamond Wedding Anniversary.’ It was not to be.  Betty died at 6.40 pm on Sunday 8th January.          During Betty’s illness the family was grateful to the many church members who gave her help and support – weekly deliveries of soup and rolls and providing transport to hospitals when Walter was away.  Betty was  a lovely person and we extend our deepest sympathy to Walter and the family.