Trinity with Palm Grove United Reformed and Methodist Church
Your Prayers
         Trinity with Palm Grove Church at prayer with and for its neighbours……
At the top of every music manuscript the great Johann Sebastian Bach put two Latin words, “Iesu, iuval!” One of the greatest composers of all time never wrote a note before asking for God’s help. His Latin words translated mean, “Jesus, help me!” “Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire,                                                                         uttered or unexpressed –                                                                                            the motion of a hidden fire,                           that trembles in the breast.                                                                                                                                  Prayer is the burden of a sigh,                                                                                     the falling of tear,                                                                                                              the upward glancing of an eye,                                                                                                        when none but God is near.”       James Montgomery                                                                 “O God, if in this day of struggle I forget thee, do not thou forget me!”  William King If there are specific prayer concerns that you have for yourself or for your neighbours…..or for anyone in your circle of loved ones…….we would love to pray for you. Should you like us to pray for you please print this page. Then write your prayer requests below and put them in the letter box in the Church Door leading from the car park on Alton Road.     Alternatively, email us at
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