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                                                                                                        COP26 and the Bible                                                                                                    A short series of bible studies The United Nations Climate conference (COP26) will be held in Glasgow31st October -- 12th November. Since the issues surrounding the conference, especially the relationships between climate change and how we use the planet are of direct concern to us all, we need as Christians to consider these relationships and how we might deal with them as we lead our lives. Towards this: to help us make sense of what we will hear in Glasgow, we are holding three zoom-based bible study conversations to coincide with the three weeks of the conference, on three successive Sundays, 3.30-4.30pm, on 24th October                                                                                              31st  October                                                                                                7th November. Each of these will focus on a basic issue that will underpin much of the business of the Conference, and will be informed by our Bible study. Week 1: 24th October (led by Bill Gould): Key Questions: Why are we at this global crisis point? God’s abundance and how and why are we spoiling it? Dominance or Stewardship? Key texts: Genesis 1: 26-31, and Genesis 47:13-25. Week 2: 31st October (led by Rev’d Christine Jones): Key Questions: Why does God allow natural disasters? Why does God allow man-made disasters? Why are major disasters increasingly manmade? Key Text: Job 1:13-22 Week 3: 7th November (led by Bill Gould) Key Questions: How can we, the rich and heaviest polluters, alter our lifestyles? How do we care for the impoverished and dispossessed? Key text: Matthew 6: 19-31. Fuller details of zoom links will be available nearer the time.
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